How can they do that.?

It is believed that eight teenagers have been arrested in Florida for beating a 16 year old girl and video recording it! Now if thats not what people would call sick behaviour what is? Take one look at this video and you’ll see what I see, a cruel act being carried out by horrible people!

This is yet another case of teen bullying! That poor girl was lured to the house to be beaten up!

The link above is to a page which gives more information on what has happened to this poor girl! Id advise you to take a read!


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Bullying adverts

Here are two videos that I came across on YouTube! They are both adverts for Anti-Bullying.  The first is of a young girl being bullied by classmates, and the second is of a series of young children trying to let people know that they are being bullied! I thought they were quite effective! Have a look and tell me what you thought!

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Yet another loss due to bullying!

Stories about bullying are coming at me from all directions! There are so many stories about young teens that have committed suicide as a result of bullying, it is just so wrong! This story about a young man named Eric Mohat is truly shocking! Eric was teased at school a lot. His parents stated that he had been called names, pushed and shoved constantly, teased and also hit in front of school officials, but no one stood in to protect him! All this ‘torture’ had been going on for so long. According to a web site who’s link I have posted below, on one particular day a student actually said to Eric, “Why don’t you go home and shoot yourself, no one will miss you,”. That night he did exactly that!It’s just so upsetting! I can’t even begin to imagine how Eric’s family are feeling! And this is just one more person who has been effected by bullying! There are so many more out there that people don’t even hear about! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the issue! thanks for taking the time out to read this post! It’s just so important that people know that bullying is so wrong!

The link above is to a site that has more information on the tragic story of Eric Mohat! Take a look!

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Bullying is WRONG!

Hi guys!

I have just finished watching a clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show and I am left in shock! An 18 year old man named Tyler Clementi, who was a student at Rutgers High School in the U.S has taken his own life after being bullied by his fellow classmates. Bullying is wrong on so many different levels. It’s scary to see how people try to cope with bullying. Many couldn’t cope and chose to take their own lives! I’ts just so sad to know that yet one more family has lost a member as a result of bullying!

This is the YouTube video of the Ellen DeGeneres show explaining what happened to Tyler. It is an emotional video but is well worth watching!

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About my blog

Hello… This is just a little introduction to my blog! One thing that really gets to me is teen bullying! I think all bullying is wrong and I know it happens in all age groups, but teen bullying is becoming more and more dangerous! My blog is going to include aspects such as stories of young people that are/have been bullied, what you can do to help a person who is/has been bullied and signs of bullying. This is something that is of great importance to me so many other people around the globe. I hope you take the time out to read this blog and hopefully you will give me feedback on what you think about it! Thanks x

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