Interview with a victim of bullying..

Hello people.

This post is just a little insight to the life of a person who was personally victimized by bully’s. Just to let you all know, the person wanted to be kept unknown for personal reasons. So as you might have expected I am going to write-up the interview as it was spoken between the victim and I.

question 1: What sort of things did the bully’s do to you that made you realise that you were in fact being bullied?

Answer: Well, at the start they just started to exclude me from the group we all hung around in. After that they started to post horrible things about me on their Facebook pages. When I confronted them, they said it was all a joke, but I knew myself that they were serious. All of a sudden I started to get text messages from other people from my school saying that there were rumours going around my school about me. I don’t really want to go into the gory details. I knew then that there was something up. Soon after nobody would talk to me or make any effort to include me in anything. I used to get phone calls during the night with people screaming nasty names at me. I think that above all was the big wakeup call that I needed to tell me that Iwas indeed being bullied. I couldn’t believe it.

Question 2: Did you try to do anything about it?

Answer: No. I was too afraid of what would happen to me. I didn’t tell anyone to save all the hassle but things just became progressively worse.

Question 3: When you say “things got progressively worse” what do you mean?

Answer: Because I didn’t tell anybody, the bullies thought they could get away with making me feel the way I felt. The phone calls became regular (an every night sort of thing), the name calling got worse, and one day I actually got a slap off a girl in my school for doing absolutely nothing. It was hell!

Question 4: When did the bullying stop?

Answer: To be honest, it never did really. I still have the odd few people calling me names and laughing at me when I walk past, but I’ve just learned to cope with it.

Question 5: How did you learn to cope?

Answer: I just looked up websites and read them through and through. One site that I found particularly helpful was It gave me a lot of support and it also showed me how to ease off the bully’s. If it wasn’t for the close friends that kept me smiling and the really helpful web pages, I don’t think I would have made it through.

After the interview I thanked the person for taking the time out to come and chat with me. They were really shy and quiet. That just goes to show how people can turn on you in a blink of an eye. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.




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