This post is more of an advice column. Think of it as a ‘Ask Aoife’ sort of thing. This blog is here to give people advice!, Let people know about stories of bullying, Give people the chance to voice their opinions on each matter that is brought up, and of course ask questions! So what I would like out of this post is for you (the readers) to voice your own personal ideas on the matter. I would also love the chance to give you ( the readers ) advice on whatever your queries may be. I’m a very friendly person so don’t be shy :). Hope to hear from you all soon …




October 19, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. pethead replied:

    Hi.I think your posts are great for people who can relate to bullying and I like the way you break the text up with picturesxx

  2. beautyforyou19 replied:

    I think this blog is a very good idea! There isnt a lot of blogs like this out there and you are already making a differnece in some peoples lives! I personaly think that all schools should have an ‘Anti Bullying Code’, which deals with bullying seriously. I had one in my old school and it worked very well.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks Kelley,
      I think that would be a great idea! It’s really hard to deal with bullys but something must be done! We should try to introduce it.. Make it our own little project!


  3. theviciouscircle01 replied:

    I absolutely LOVED this! I think your use of images and videos is really effective and makes it more personal, especially the one about the teenagers in Florida!:( the images and videos also add colour which really stands out against the dark background. Your blog is very useful if you need advice or just want to become more aware and is simply all around interesting!!

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks so much šŸ™‚

      I think the images and video do make a bit of a difference! Instead of just reading about it, you can see it happening too! In my opinion, people have to see these things to realise how bad bullying can get! Thanks again for the lovely comment!


  4. Gemma O'Sullivan replied:

    Well done on your frequent posting. There is a lot of room for this blog to develop. In particular define your target reader. Some first person testimonial would be valuable. Also a blogroll of bullying websites particularly Irish resources. Gemma

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks Gemma,

      Yes, I think that the blogroll will be very helpful for my blog. Thanks for the very creative ideas.


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