What are the types of bulying?

There are many types of bullying out there that are commonly used to torture innocent people. Types such as physical bullying, verbal bullying, exclusion, gesture bullying, extortion bullying and E-bullying are out there. They are not hard to come across as there are many people who will use these types of bullying to try to ‘mess with’ people’s emotions.

Verbal bullying Can be anything from name calling to rumours. Name calling is a type of bullying that can cause a person to lose confidence, be emotionally bruised and it can also effect a persons learning. Verbal abuse can be very hurtful. It is normally about the victims looks, family, religion, race and sexuality.

Physical bullying Can be any physical aggression towards another person. Male and female are included in this type of bullying but as sources say boys are more likely to engage in physical bullying as they have a ‘greater tendency towards physical aggression’.

Gesture bullying Can be as simple as giving someone a dirty look. Giving someone a dirty look shows an intimidating side to the bully, therefore making the victim scared of what the outcome may be.

Exclusion Is a main type of bullying. It excludes the person from a group, be it their friends, family, co.workers etc.. It attacks the victims ‘ego’ or ‘self image’.

Extortion bullying Can be anything from the bully stealing lunch money, jewellery, clothes and many other personal items to forcing the victim to steal from people who are chosen by the bully. This leads to further intimidation.

E-bullying Is more or less digital bullying. Emails, text messages and social networking sites are what you would call a ‘field day’ for bully’s to select their target! After the bully would select their target, they would begin the abuse! This is where other types of bullying mentioned above come into practice!

When you see this type of cruelty happening it would break your heart! Well I think so anyway! There are so many more types of bullying out there that if i wrote on all of them I would be here all night! But I will be sure to write more on them some other time!


The link above is to a site which has all the named types of bullying above in a bit more detail. What more can I say than take a look!

Thanks for reading you guys! šŸ™‚


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  1. Niall McCarthey replied:

    Very good use of language and your structure is great. I like the point that you are trying to get through and hopefully it helps prevent bullying and maybe even save lives. Respect Soife Finan.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks Niall,
      Yes, hopefully this blog will push the point accross! Thanks for your time x


  2. nannymcp22 replied:

    im all eyes. Im a nanny of 6 children and the eldest who is 6 years old has a tendency to be really really rough to the smaller ones. It only started when he went to big school. He use to be very gentle and quiet. I wonder if he is being bullied in school ? He has started using inappropriate languages too.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks for your comment! I wouldn’t be sure but attitude change is definatly a sign of bullying. I think it is something that should be watched closely. Seems a bit odd. What I would do is contact the school and see if there is any odd behavior patterns forming there and if so the school should be willing to take action. The inappropiate language is something that young children hear from other children and use it to try and follow the crowd. You should try to stop the use of bad language before it gets out of hand. The ‘swear jar’ idea is great! Coming back to the bullying side of things I think you should look more into the case. Read up on some signs of bullying and try to apply them to the youngster. I totally sympathise with you here. I think your realisation alone shows great care for the child. Keep me posted on what is going on and I can try to give all the support and advice you may need.


      • nannymcp22 replied:

        the problem is, the mother. one time the child came back and the hood of his coat was torn and when i asked him he mentioned some name of a boy he disliked. i mentioned it to the parent and she said ‘oh dont be blaming it on others. its falling off anyway!’. so i dunno how i can mention the word ‘bully’ into her. she can be very difficult at times. even with diciplining the children, she is not interested if i tell her of any misbehaviours. it frustrates me coz sometimes she gets annoyed if i just let the kids do what they want coz i dont get any support from her anyway so i feel like its a losing battle. the only way i can get the misbehaviour dealt with is if i tell th ehusband–but then she gets annoyed that i told th ehusband!! argh!! frustrating!! if only they were my own!

      • AoifeFinan replied:

        okay, what I think is that the mother is so caught up in her work, or whatever it may be, that she doesn’t take any notice of whats going on with her children. I also think it would be fair to say that you have a right to tell the husband as it is in the interest of the children. The lad came home with a torn jacket and mentioned a name, What more are the parents looking for? You should make it your mission to tell the parents what they are missing here. The mother has no reason to be annoyed with you for telling the husband that her child may be in the midst of being bullied, and frankly she should be ashamed of herself. That child could be going through hell and she needs to know that! Try get the boy to tell his parents. That might work even better if it’s coming from him?


  3. yourinterview101 replied:

    really like your lay out and how you explain all the different types of bullying

  4. peysay replied:

    Great advice it given here and I really like the way you approach this particular situation. Bullying is a really hard issue for people to deal with and I think you have a very sympathetic approach! Well done!

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks very much! I sympathise with all the people who have been effected by bullying as it is indeed, very hard to deal with! Thanks for taking the time to read it !


  5. darrant replied:

    That was a very interesting read, it’s amazing how many types of bullying there are.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Hi Darragh,

      Ya there are so many types, and it doesn’t stop at the ones I have mentioned. I’m very glad you liked it!


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