What are the signs.?

You might be thinking, ‘what does she mean by this title’. Well if you are one of those people who are thinking that, I am here to the rescue! My blog has been all about stories of bullying, but I wanted to change it up a little bit! Usually there are signs that people show, unknowingly, when they are being bullied. For example, if your child is afraid to walk to and from school it is likely that bullying is the main cause of that fear. There are many other signs of bullying  i.e.  there is a huge drop in the persons confidance, their possessions continuously go missing, they refuse to talk about what’s wrong, they have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches, and they become aggressive or unreasonable. A major effect of bullying is when the victim of bullying cannot sleep and whenever they finally manage to catch a wink of sleep its disturbed by nightmares! It’s a horrible feeling (I know this as I was once that victim). If you know somebody that you think is being effected by bullies look out for these signs! And if you happen to start noticing them, you need to talk to that person and make it clear to them that you are there for them! All they will want is to talk to someone they can trust! Let that person be you…


The link above is just another link to other signs of bullying! As I said, keep a look out for these signs and if you notice them, address them! Let your friend/brother/sister/cousin, etc, that you are there if they need a shoulder to cry on!


October 12, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Elizabeth Bennett replied:

    Hi, great blog! Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight!

    Take Care,

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks Elizabeth! I will indeed! It’s so important that people know what is going on in the world of bullying!


  2. purplefridays replied:

    Nice idea about telling people about the signs of bullying as not many people know the signs of bullying.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks! It’s hard to spot them but once you do it all starts to become quite clear!


  3. thereseannemccormack replied:

    The information here would be great for parents and schools, as it allows both to see the signs of bullying and hopefully make them act quickly.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks Thereseanne,

      Yes, hopefully they will act quickly as something does need to be done about it!


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