How can they do that.?

It is believed that eight teenagers have been arrested in Florida for beating a 16 year old girl and video recording it! Now if thats not what people would call sick behaviour what is? Take one look at this video and you’ll see what I see, a cruel act being carried out by horrible people!

This is yet another case of teen bullying! That poor girl was lured to the house to be beaten up!

The link above is to a page which gives more information on what has happened to this poor girl! Id advise you to take a read!


October 11, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Eric replied:

    this is horrable like how could ya do anythin like dat! ppl hu r bully are probably insecure in there family relationships so they take it out on other ppl..but dat does not explain there actions! sickining 😦 great vid Aoife :D:P:P:P

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      Thanks alot eric! I know i just dont get it 😦 it’s sad know that this is going on! What I want to know is, What goes on behind closed doors? 😦


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