Bullying is WRONG!

Hi guys!

I have just finished watching a clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show and I am left in shock! An 18 year old man named Tyler Clementi, who was a student at Rutgers High School in the U.S has taken his own life after being bullied by his fellow classmates. Bullying is wrong on so many different levels. It’s scary to see how people try to cope with bullying. Many couldn’t cope and chose to take their own lives! I’ts just so sad to know that yet one more family has lost a member as a result of bullying!

This is the YouTube video of the Ellen DeGeneres show explaining what happened to Tyler. It is an emotional video but is well worth watching!


October 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. jessie tompkins replied:

    Bullying is not just about being gay…! when a person criminally assaults you and you are intentionally drained emotionally ! No one can measure the long term effects of bullying if you are dead. But the emotional scares are there like your heart beating.

    My story about Employment Bullying are attempts to destroy your reputation, your family, future employment and life. see link

    after watching this link you would not believe that school security, school administrators and MPS board members allowed this behavior to continue and covered it up , the question you would ask WHY ?????????? Money , Drugs and Politics in the inner city schools.

    But each day I rejoice in the comfort of knowing that my abusers will continue to suffer.

    • AoifeFinan replied:

      And that is fair enough to say, but I have never said that bullying is just about being gay! As I have said in many posts, there are many aspects of bullying, not just being bullied because of your sexuality. The video you have posted is a hard video to watch as it shows so much disrespect. What you have said is exactly right! You wouldn’t believe that school security, school administrators and MPS board members allowed that behaviour to carry on and then cover it up! I have alot of respect for you as you have very strong opinions! Kepp up the good work!


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